Coenonympha thyrsis - photo © K. Bormpoudaki

Coenonympha thyrsis, Crete-photo © K. Bormpoudaki



Deepest gratitude is expressed to L.N. Pamperis for his essential contribution to this website, providing photos, valuable information, and advice about the butterflies’ species of Crete. In particular, distribution maps, information, data, etc., were provided by his book “The Butterflies of Greece” and his website Both of them are an excellent extensive scientific study on Greek species and are addressed to both non-specialists and researchers, raising awareness about the butterflies’ conservation in Greece.

Special thanks for the provided magnificent photographs of living butterflies as acknowledged below their respective image are also expressed to: Sofia Apergi, Xristos Dimadis, Elias Tselos, Antonia Aga, Christos Maroulis, Krystallenia Pougadaki, K. P., Panagiotis Dalagiorgos, Charalampos Almpantakis, Fotis Samaritakis, Manolis Afrathianakis, Marinos Gogolos, Christopher Cheiladakis, Nikos Marakis, Nikos Markogiannakis, Stavros Markopoulos, and Zacharias Angourakis. Great appreciation is also expressed to Nikos Gigourtakis, for his interesting introductory note to the world of Cretan butterflies.


Kalliopi Bormpoudaki, Chemical Engineer, MSc in Environmental Design of Infrastructure.

Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 2021.