Pyrausta despicata, Crete - photo © K. Bormpoudaki

Pyrausta despicata, Crete - photo © K. Bormpoudaki

Pyrausta despicata (Scopoli, 1763) 


Pyrausta despicata is a moth of the family Crambidae on the island of Crete, Greece.

Scientific name

Pyrausta despicata (Scopoli, 1763)

Pyrausta despicatus (Scopoli, 1763)

Phalaena despicata (Scopoli, 1763)

Pyralis caespitalis (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775)

Botis caespitalis (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775)

Common name
Straw-barred Pearl

Superfamily: Pyraloidea > Family: Crambidae > Subfamily: Pyraustinae > Tribus: Pyraustini > Genus: Pyrausta


14-20 mm


The color of the wings is brown or greyish, with quite variable pale brown markings.

The forewings are brownish-grey or brown-colored, sometimes blackish-sprinkled. The first line is obscurely pale or obsolete and the second one is pale greyish-ochreous, often obsolete except on the costa.

The hindwings in males are grey and in females blackish; sometimes there is a darker discal dot.


Calcareous slopes, road sides, grassy terrain, river banks, and lake shores.

Food plant
The larva is oligophagous on Plantaginaceae (Plantago lanceolata, Plantago major). Ιt is also reported on Labiatae (Salvia), Compositae (Gnaphalium).
Flight period
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Lepiforum e. V.

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