Noctua interjecta, Crete - photo © Andreas Manz

Noctua interjecta, Crete - photo © Andreas Manz

Noctua interjecta (Hübner, 1803)


Noctua interjecta is a moth of the family Noctuidae on the island of Crete, Greece.

Scientific name

Noctua interjecta (Hübner, 1803)

Noctua interjecta caliginosa (Schawerda, 1919)

Common name

Least Yellow Underwing


Superfamily: Noctuoidea > Family: Noctuidae > Subfamily: Noctuinae > Tribus: Noctuini > Genus: Noctua


31-36 mm


Glades, edges along forest trails, wetlands, and grasslands.

Food Plant

The larva is polyphagous and feeds on the leaves of a variety of plants, i.e. Polygonaceae (Rumex), Rosaceae (Rubus, Crataegus), Urticaceae (Urtica), Malvaceae (Malva), etc.

Flight Period
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