Cadra figulilella, Crete - photo © K. Bormpoudaki

Cadra figulilella, Crete - photo © K. Bormpoudaki

Cadra figulilella (Gregson, 1871)


Cadra figulilella is a moth of the family Pyralidae on the island of Crete, Greece.

Scientific name

Cadra figulilella (Gregson, 1871)

Ephestia figulilella (Gregson, 1871)

Ephestia ficulella (Barrett, 1875)

Ephestia milleri (Zeller, 1876)

Ephestia gypsella (Ragonot, 1887)

Ephestia venosella (Turati, 1926)

Ephestia ernestinella (Turati, 1927)

Cadra halfaella (Roesler, 1966)

Common name

Raisin Moth


Superfamily: Pyraloidea > Family: Pyralidae > Subfamily: Phycitinae > Tribus: Phycitini > Genus: Cadra


12-20 mm


Adult moths stay in a region that is between 15 °C – 36 °C, which are the thresholds for their temperature tolerance. The adults prefer a climate that has arid, hot, clear, and rainless summers, along with mild winters.

Food plant

The larva is polyphagous and feeds on a large variety of different fruits. It is herbivorous and prefers to feed on dry fruits on the ground or still on the plant. In particular, it feeds on fallen figs, ripe carob pods, grapes, cottonseed cake, cacao beans, prunes, peaches, apricots, pears, and more. In the springtime, it primarily feeds on fallen mulberries because other host fruits are often scarce. 

Flight period
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Lepidoptera Mundi

Lepiforum e. V.