Scythris limbella, Crete - photo © Andreas Manz

Scythris limbella, Crete - photo © Andreas Manz

The Family Scythrididae (Flower Moths)

The Family Scythrididae

The family Scythrididae (Flower moths) is a family of small moths in the superfamily Gelechioidea. Sometimes, the family is included as a subfamily of Xyloryctidae, that also sometimes is included in the Oecophoridae family.

They are small to medium-sized moths, and when they are at rest they appear teardrop-shaped.

The following species are representative species of the Scythrididae moths that have been photographed on the island of Crete. You can obtain more information about each species, by selecting the relative species icon. The list of Scythrididae species is nondefinitive.

List of Scythrididae species in Crete

Scythrididae species in Crete